Addie Conner on the Benefits of Cork Rolling


250: Sustainable Fitness, Cork, and Benefits of Rolling With Addie Conner


Sustainable Fitness, Cork, And Benefits of Rolling With Addie Conner

I think today’s topic is a fun one and an unexpected twist on physical fitness and well-being. This episode is going to be all about foam rolling and why it should be part of our daily self-care. I’m here with Addie Conner, the co-founder of a company called 42 Birds. Rather than foam, her company makes sustainable cork rollers, yoga mats, and more, and Addie is here to talk about the benefits of all of the above today.

If you wonder why the 42 in the name, well, it stands for the 42 bird species that the cork forest uniquely supports. Find out why Addie chose this particular mission and how cork products are not only fun to use but protect biodiversity.

Episode Highlights With Addie Conner

  • How Addie started a yoga company all based on cork
  • The health benefits of rolling and trigger point for increased mobility and muscle recovery
  • Why cork is the most sustainable choice for “foam” rolling (and yoga mats, flooring, etc.)
  • Simple, safe ways to give yourself the benefits of a massage
  • Why our muscles need release
  • Why cork is naturally antimicrobial and self-cleaning
  • Reasons cork forestry is so sustainable
  • The Cork Forest ecosystem and how it offsets 20 million tons of carbon dioxide each year
  • Addie healthy morning routine as well as fitness and diet tips
  • And more!

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Is rolling part of your workout? Will you switch to cork after hearing all of the benefits? Please drop a comment below or leave a review on iTunes to let us know. We value knowing what you think and this helps other moms find the podcast as well.

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