Dr. Tom DiGiuseppe on Water Quality & How to Improve Drinking Water


251: Water Quality and How to Improve Drinking Water With Dr. Tom DiGiuseppe


Water Quality and How to Improve Home Water With Dr. Tom DiGiuseppe

This episode is not only about what is in your water, but how to get out the things that you don’t want to be drinking! I am here with Dr. Tom DiGiuseppe, a PhD who has been involved in the design, testing, and installation of water filtration and purification systems for both residential and commercial customers for over 30 years. His early research focused on the development of chemical sensor technology for environmental monitoring, measuring contaminant levels in soil and groundwater, determining the fluid purity, and working with all kinds of ceramic membrane systems.

Tom has also made it a priority to figure out ways to use this most precious resource wisely. He’s working on a really cool project right now that involves developing renewable energy systems with gray water treatment and water recycling.

Let’s dive in!

Episode Highlights with Dr. Tom DiGiuseppe

  • What’s in our drinking water: the good, the bad, the ugly
  • Systems that can improve even undrinkable water and assist in crisis situations (like Flint, Michigan)
  • Water disinfection and how it keeps us safe (but also harms us due to byproducts)
  • How pesticides (including glyphosate) end up in our drinking supply
  • The reasons why there’s fluoride in our water and possible health consequences
  • How to test your water source
  • The pros and cons of municipal water vs. well water
  • Pros and cons of water filter systems, including reverse osmosis
  • How 14-stage water filter works
  • When a whole house system makes sense

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