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there as muc ssible. Idesking T that. We move to of teston in the trial of esident ump’sampaign chair, Paul manafort.the prosecutio wi Rick Gates, was pummeled by the defense under cross-ex an will be back on the stand todandidt with the president indm New Jersey, th details. Good morn Rorter:morning, George. It was a gruelinay on the St ricgates. He is thegornment’sr wins in this buthe defense its bto puml his inond day on the stand, Rick Gates test helped his former Bo Paul manafort, hide millions of dolrs from the irs in a and that months after manaforef E campeached out to Gates, whotayedn se an adminisio Steven Kalk that alleged him MLI based on false information. Efense tried T pntates an uiableitness who would saying after pleadi guilty to lying to the ds afr all thes Y do you expect thisury T gas responded, ido.uncross-examination Gates adttn with a mistress in London using money embezzledrom manaf and defense said is there aer ck aecick Gates in don. Gatesaidise awaref the affair. Nafortho W Gates’ boss and mentor for years has pled not guilty to chargesncluding bank fraud and lying irs. Allegedancial cris ununomanafort’s work for the trump ca. Gates is expect BAC on witness stand today for feours of cross-exination.r that the government will get a cha toredirect. Onould rest its case as early as Thi week. GE. David Wright, thanks V . George, N to the manhunt

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