Hacking Mom Life With Chrissa Benson


261: Practical Tips and Mom Hacks From Physical Kitchness Chrissa Benson


Practical Tips and Mom Hacks from Physical Kitchness Chrissa Benson

“Self-care” is quite the buzzword these days! While I’m glad we’re having the discussion as a culture, I think it’s safe to say that we moms are still trying to figure out the problems as well as the answers. Chrissa Benson is the founder of the amazing Physical Kitchness blog and programs, which she founded to help busy women reduce overwhelm and live our best healthiest lives.

Chrissa has two boys, ages two and four, and she’s married to an active duty marine, so she’s definitely a mom in the real-life trenches! Her mission is simple, but so powerful: to help women to take care of themselves so that they can take care of their families. I love her blog because she has such a unique mix of her truth talk, mom life humor (which she’s amazing at) and the practical nuts and bolts like simple recipes, meal planning hacks, and effective home workouts.

Episode Highlights With Chrissa Benson

  • Why this is such a unique time for moms, with incredible opportunities but also pressure
  • Small daily routines Chrissa uses to make meal planning easier
  • Why finding a creative outlet might be the most important kind of self-care
  • How to choose what to say “no” to (so you can say “yes” to the right things)
  • Her best tips for getting picky eaters to eat protein and veggies
  • Simple ways to get to the root of cravings and emotional eating
  • How to find balance in a world where everyone says you need to have self-care but you are expected to do all the things
  • A new way of looking at self-care
  • Tips for fitting in exercise no matter how busy life gets
  • And more!

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