Hearings for Supreme Court nominee to start Sept. 4 Video


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  • Now Playing: Day 9 of the Paul Manafort trial

  • Now Playing: Trump blasts kneeling NFL players: ‘Stand proudly … or be suspended without pay’

  • Now Playing: Kobach ‘happy’ to recuse himself from recount in close Kansas race

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  • Now Playing: Pence details plan for potential new branch of the military: Space Force

  • Now Playing: Melania Trump’s parents granted full US citizenship

  • Now Playing: President Trump talks prison reform

  • Now Playing: NY congressman charged

  • Now Playing: Vice President Pence tout groundwork for future ‘Space Force’

  • Now Playing: Trump’s legal team rejects special counsel’s interview request

  • Now Playing: Trump ally indicted on insider trading charges speaks out

  • Now Playing: US to hit Russia with sanctions after spy poisoned

  • Now Playing: Trump has privately expressed openness to broad criminal justice reform

  • Now Playing: NY GOP congressman vows to clear name of ‘meritless’ charges

  • Now Playing: Trump lawyers deny Mueller’s request for in-person interview

  • Now Playing: NY GOP lawmaker charged with insider trading and lying to FBI

  • Now Playing: Rep. Collins pleads not guilty

  • Now Playing: Trump responds to Mueller request

  • Now Playing: Manafort attorney alleges Rick Gates had multiple affairs

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