Heart Health for Women With Dr. Menolascino


246: What Women Need to Know About Heart Health With Dr. Mark Menolascino


What Women Need to Know About Heart Health With Dr. Mark Menolascino

Heart disease is an increasingly important issue for women. I’ve heard stats that it actually kills more women than breast cancer, but it’s not talked half as much. So I’m so glad to have Dr. Mark Menolascino here to give us a deep dive on this topic and explain what we can all be doing to safeguard our heart health.

Dr. Mark is one of very few physicians who is board-certified in internal medicine, integrative and holistic medicine, functional medicine, and advanced hormone management and anti-aging medicine. So to say he’s qualified would be a huge understatement. He additionally has a master’s degree in pharmacology and immunology and was a doctoral candidate in the medical science program assisting with clinical trials of new medications, and as well as part of the heart disease reversal team with the famed Dr. Dean Ornish.

Let’s hear what he has to say…

Episode Highlights With Dr. Menolascino

  • Why 2 out of 3 women have heart disease
  • The reason that the first sign of heart disease for half of women is death
  • Why half of heart attacks happen with normal cholesterol
  • What to look for to know if you have fatty liver
  • The science-backed ways to support your heart
  • Why insulin is the most inflammatory compound the body makes
  • Good and bad foods for the heart (some may surprise you)
  • A few ways to know by looking at your body if you’re at a higher risk of heart disease
  • What your fingernails tell you about your health
  • And more!

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