How SafetyPIN Can Keep Your Family Safe


225: How a New SafetyPin Technology Can Keep Your Family Safer


How a New SafetyPin Technology Can Keep Your Family Safer

I always love to sit down with a fellow female entrepreneur, plus I count today’s guest a friend too, which is always fun. Her name is Jenny Thompson and her talents include natural health advocate, fearless business strategist, and expert marketer, among others.

She took a leap and started a new technology called SafetyPIN. Like a TSA pre-check for the web, SafetyPIN is a way to ensure the person on the other end of a digital transaction is trustworthy and reliable. As you can imagine there’s a great need for this in today’s world when we are often trusting strangers through the use of services like AirBnB, Uber, Lyft, (and the list goes on).

With SafetyPIN holders currently in 39 states, Jenny is working to build awareness and make “Do you have a SafetyPIN?” part of every conversation in the sharing economy.

Episode Highlights on SafetyPIN

  • Jenny’s amazing story of personal reinvention as a businesswoman and entrepreneur
  • The dog-sitting transaction gone bad that gave her the idea for SafetyPIN in the first place
  • The shocking reasons a traditional background check isn’t all it’s cracked up to be (you’ll never think of one the same way again)
  • How Jenny teamed up with financial experts, forensic psychologists, and criminal investigators to design a better safety check
  • Ways to use SafetyPIN in your own home, and safe practices when interacting online
  • Jenny’s advice to other entrepreneurs thinking about taking the leap
  • And more!

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