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Time now for “Pop news” and ‘R go over to Ron Boe. Adrien Bankert, who got, D do “Pop news.” At would bexciting. Ould have Odo he wobe happy. Justin Timberlake, is there anythi H? Cdance, act — Great golfer too by the way. Is he really? W. Go T he’s an author. Tierlake tweing, guys, I have some news. I’ve bee working on this for awhile now. I’m happy to give you a look at my first book, #hindsigh itroive readers a from his personal archives. He’ll also blking abouhis childhood. That will be released October . T’s probab going T great likerything else he does, yeah. Hs amazing. Are J little bit. Don’t hon him but he’s so nice. He’s a nice guy. Got to love Thate here, L Some love for Jessica surprising fans returning to the stage to give T performae year LI to this. ??? mogu going to call her that because she’s goa whole loofe’s spinnie country legend Willie nels during trange county fair si bool” and revealed it’s the first time she’s performed in fro of her husband, football player Erik Johnson and theirki, ar-old maxwe and 5-year-oldce. Illie nels, too, LE at. Exactly. Ie Nelson, doesn’t get much more legendary that, besides doy partonhat is.ovly you can come on the show any time. Put a LI shoutout R you. WHE ING about icons, we’re com up on th oe marvel uvethey’re thinking of holding a film festival in select imax ters. Youeat a sense ow largant man is. Ll 20 titl will be swn uding threthat havnever received the treatment. “ironman”,e incredib hulk”, a “Captain Erica: The Enger.” It runs from August 3to September 6th. I will be in for “Ironman” oy favoriteiemy farite characters. Whave N what you’ saying. It sounded really good but W it smells really good in here and here’s why. Their bacon. One person we know the Reon behind . Tuout our lo O foodkeie chicken, bacon, no accident. It goes back to ancestors. Acg to researcomnivorousint was an advantagto be atte food’s crispiness. Think when you bite into a piece of crispy. WRE not tng about celery here. It’s saating when you bite into something crispy. Veryone wants fried chicken now. Oss some chickgs. Really, we wanted to let you lebrate mas R love — all of love for piness. King of crpy, our S didn’t know about crispy cream but we do. The dough chain O with a te edition new treat. More foo yes. Inspiredy tr R. Crpy cream dpe hershey’socolate,ripped th Reese peanut butter and salted caramel sauce and you’re ome. Wow, what? ‘Re welcome Thanks for ING us. Have weekend, evehanks for join us.

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