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By Dr. Mercola

Inspiring you to live a better, healthier life is our goal here at, and it’s a message that crosses borders and reaches virtually every corner of the globe. That’s why we’re now sharing our message to take control of your health in two new languages, Polish and German, bringing the total to 10 languages worldwide:

In the U.S., is the No. 1 most visited natural health website, and worldwide it’s one the most visited health websites in any health category. Now, if you have friends or family who live in a different country, you can share your favorite health articles with ease. We’ve also expanded our health activism on an international level, working to support local organic agriculture and fight the spread of genetically engineered (GE) crops in Latin America and Mexico via our partnerships with:

  • Vía Orgánica: A Mexican nonprofit organization promoting good nutrition through organic agriculture, fair trade and a healthy lifestyle.
  • Millones Contra Monsanto (Millions Against Monsanto Latin America): An organization dedicated to counteracting the abuse of biotechnology by Monsanto while defining local agriculture, food sovereignty, traditional food and original seeds.’s Global Partners

Many of the most pressing issues facing human health and the environment have no borders; they affect all of us. We’re working with a variety of international partners, charities and other organizations to prompt positive change on issues ranging from clean water and vaccine choice to mercury-free dentistry and labeling of GE foods. We’re very proud of our global partners as well, who we’re working with to create a healthier planet for everyone:

IFOAM — Organics International

As the world’s only international umbrella organization for organics, IFOAM is working to build awareness and policy for sustainable agriculture, including helping to facilitate the transition of conventional farmers to organic. IFOAM has over 1,000 affiliates in more than 120 countries and is focusing on “true sustainability in agriculture, from the field, through the value chain to the consumer.” Their five key departments include:

  • Uniting the organic movement
  • Facilitating production and trade
  • Promoting sustainability in agriculture
  • Assisting organic development
  • Building organic leaders’ capacity

Regeneration International

Regeneration International, a project of the Organic Consumers Association (OCA) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to building a global network of farmers, scientists, businesses, activists, educators, journalists, governments and consumers who will promote and put into practice regenerative agriculture and land-use practices that:

  • Provide abundant, nutritious food
  • Revitalize local economies
  • Regenerate soil fertility and water-retention capacity
  • Nurture biodiversity
  • Promote social justice and fair trade

Regeneration international has a global network that connects 4.1 million consumers, farmers, activists, scientists and policymakers in over 100 countries, all working to achieve the same vision: “A healthy global ecosystem in which regenerative agriculture and land-use practices cool the planet, feed the world and promote public health, prosperity and peace.”

Global GMO Free Coalition

The Global GMO Free Coalition (GGFC) provides global coordination to counteract the misguided arguments of the biotech industry regarding GE crops and their associated pesticides.

Their mission is, in part, to gain greater worldwide mainstream media exposure for the GMO-free movement, increase public awareness on hot topics surrounding GMOs and provide expert intervention when needed at places where important policies related to GMOs are being discussed. They also strive to provide scientific arguments that challenge the current monopoly on science in the media, which is often conducted by industry-funded organizations.

Caminos de Agua

A nonprofit organization that believes access to safe, healthy drinking water is a fundamental human right. They’re working to provide open-source solutions for communities at-risk on an aquifer in Central Mexico and leveraging those solutions for others confronting similar water challenges throughout the world. They use a four-phase approach that includes technology development, community-led implementation, education and monitoring and evaluation.

Connect on Our International Social Media Pages

Our international social media pages provide a community working together toward the common goal of creating a healthier, more sustainable future. With every video you share or post you “like,” you’re letting others know you’re taking a stand for a brighter tomorrow and now, with our international pages gaining momentum, you can connect with those living in other countries, or who speak a language other than English, too.

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Healthy food, soil, air and water are issues that affect all of us, no matter what country you live in or what language you speak. And though we may be separated by miles, the actions that occur in one country, from water and air pollution to industrial farming, are not isolated; they affect other countries both near and far.

Mercola foreign language sites help to break down international barriers and create awareness of key issues so that the world can become a healthier place, one country at a time. Please share the foreign language sites with all of your international friends and family so they, too, can take control of their health.

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