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Finally tonight here, what we discovered in our ABC archives today. Aretha Franklin in her 20s on her move from that choir to stages across the country. ??? Guide me ??? I come from a singing family. Reporter: Aretha Franklin in her own words, on her roots. Her father and her church, her first audience. Well, I started in the choir at my father’s church, and from the choir I became a soloist along with the choir. He coached me a lot in singing, taking my time and working with a song. It’s a matter of feeling and it is also a matter of sound. ??? Please don’t go ??? Smile. Smile, you know you got it. It was kind of, as you say, a woman’s anthem, a battle cry, a mantra. But everyone wants respect. Everyone needs respect. ??? R-e-s-p-e-c-t ??? ??? find out what it means to me ??? Reporter: And until the very end, she remained private. Most comfortable in the moment. And it was the music that gave Aretha her voice. Music is my thing. It’s who I am. And tonight, a special “20/20” for many of you at 8:00 eastern. Good night. Good night. ????????????

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