Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra’s official engagement announcement Video


Transcript for Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra’s official engagement announcement

Ome back. Time now for “Pop news.” Adrienne is off. Romina pa though from fusion is wit this morng visiting from Los Angeles. Good to see you again. I’m excited to be here again. We are starting off things with priyka Chopra D Nick Jon making it offial. The actresand musician confirm they are engaged by both of them posting this picture social media. And we all know it ain’t official until it is on the gram. Yeah. Sguys, thispretty official. Jonas’ father, brothernd future sister-in-law all posted the photo it’s happening. You could B everything but — Iit’s not on the gram, it’s not real. But you can’t see the ring in . It doesn’t matter, it’s on the gram. Okay, next story, the cast of “Wonder woman 1984” definitely in an ’80s state of mind. The website comicook movie posted thismage on Socia mediahowing galga Chris pine, kristenig a Pedro Pascal posing with director Patty Jenkins, replicating the poster fthe onic ’80s movie “The breakfast club.” The great movie of all time. If you’ll rememb the first if you’ll remember the first “Wder woman” film was set in rld war I and the sequ jumps several decades ahead. Director Patty Jenkins says grew in the ’80s and calls it mankind at its best and arrives in theatres in November 2019. Love it. Mariah Carey and I have something in common. We a both terrified of sharks. Who isn’t? She got quite a she on vacation when a shark swam up by her yacht. Unrtunately,hat part I do not have in common with her. Evything elswe’re basically the same. She shared the encounter on social media take a look. Okay, this is not okay. I know it’s a shark and I’m supposed to be scared but I’m scared. I’m upset. Ipset. I would be upset T. Thgs apparently calmed down after that. E shared picture of her her twins,oroccan and Monroe, admiring the beautiful sunset. She’ll be heading back soon to continue H Vegas residency in Caesar’s palace through mid sept. In my attempt to win you over, re are some colorful toys that I brt you to distract you. These drive me cr actually. I’ll show you guy who D it under water because ISS solving one above water just isn’t challenging enough for him. He’s making us all look ba th student fm the republic of Georgia sold six Rubi cubes under water in one breath. He was under water for 1:44 which could be a new record. Please don’t try tat home. He trained several Hou a day for six months. Rob, H are you doing over there? I’m getting it. Whoa, whoa, whoa. Come on! What? Teteorologist comes big. Someone gavis to him like ready made. Thank you, thank U. I’m going to Ith my three a row and call it tic tac toe and that about as good as it gets for me. This is theight way of doing it. Next week UND water. Cheatin Romina ga, thank you so

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