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Nike unveils Serena Williams’ U.S. Open outfit


Serena Williams will be making another fashion statement at the U.S. Open this month.

She posted her outfit and the collection behind it:

Williams, according to Nike, will wear a dress designed by Virgil Abloh. More from Vogue.com:

The look consists of a black one-shoulder dress with Nike’s logo, accompanied by Abloh’s signature quotation graphic-this one reads Logo-with a full tulle skirt. Williams will play in a pair of customized NikeCourt Flare sneakers and sport an Abloh-designed jacket while off court.

Abloh added to Vogue that he looked at some of Williams’ famous outfits from the US Open, including her 2002 catsuit — a version of which she brought back for the 2018 French Open.

More on the collaboration from Nike.com:

The collaboration began when Abloh and the NikeCourt design team met in Paris to discuss a performance dress for Williams. Nike sent a body form designed specifically for Williams’ figure to Italy to explore options with materials, then it was flown back to Indian Wells, California, where Williams could pick the features of the dress that spoke to her.

One of the most important inspirations for the dress was Williams’ love of dance and ballet, which appears in the tulled design to give her a tutu-like airiness on the court. After Williams tried on the dress, the body form was sent back to Italy for the final modifications that will appear in New York City.

The U.S. open runs from Aug. 27-Sept. 9.


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