Peak Brain Performance With Neurofeedback


252: How to Activate Peak Brain Performance With Neuroscientist Dr. Andrew Hill


How to Activate Peak Brain Performance with Neuroscientist Dr. Andrew Hill

With advances in brain mapping and neurofeedback, there’s so much to learn about the brain. I feel like I’ve barely touched the tip of the iceberg on this topic, so I’ve invited Dr. Andrew Hill here today. He is one of the top brain performance coaches in the country and holds a PhD in cognitive neuroscience from UCLA’s Department of Psychology. He lectures at UCLA and teaches courses in psychology, neuroscience, and gerontology.

In this episode, Dr. Hill explains all about mental fitness and how our brain gives us the resources to juggle and process all of the things we deal with every day. This includes our sleep, focus, ability to deal with stress, information processing, and more. We’ll talk about advances in science and ways we can measure and better understand the brain’s performance with the amazing process of neurofeedback.

I’ll be visiting the Peak Brain Institute soon and trusting them with my brain… wonder what they’ll find? I’ll be sure to report back on what happens!

Episode Highlights on Peak Brain Performance

  • How the Peak Brain Institute can literally map and reshape your brain
  • Brain wave frequencies: how they work, how doctors measure them, and why they control more than you think
  • Why better brain fitness translates into better sleep, focus, and stress management
  • Simple ways to increase your performance (whether asleep or awake) by optimizing the brain
  • What measuring your theta brainwaves can reveal about your personality
  • Advances in brain mapping and how doctors use it to target problem areas
  • How neurofeedback works to improve outcomes for ADD, ADHD, OCD, or PTSD patients
  • The new way scientists think about consciousness
  • How learning to play piano or speak a new language affects the brain (and why to do it early)
  • Science-supported benefits of meditation and mindfulness
  • And more!

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