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Finally tonight here, so many pulng for the queen of soul, arena Franklin. Family and loved ones at her home in Detroit, and what we hope she was able to see not far from her home right there in Detroit. ??? What you want ??? ??? baby I got it ??? ??? what you need ??? ??? you know I got it ??? Reporter: 1968, Aretha Franklin and “Respect.” Tonight, respect and prayers from all over the world. Aretha Franklin’s family says she is resting at home in Detroit amid reports the 76-year-old legend’s health is failing. Aretha Franklin is currently surrounded by family and friends in her home city of Detroit. Reporter: Surrounded by loved ones in her home, and by her fans right there in Detroit, who overnight joined in when Beyonce and Jay-Z dedicated their concert to Aretha. ??? What you need ??? ??? you know I got it ??? ??? all I’m asking ??? ??? is for a little respect when you come home ??? Reporter: And tonight, the ap now reporting Stevie wonder visited Aretha Franklin at her home in Detroit today. The two performing together over the years. ?????? and it was just a few years back at the Kennedy center honors, it was Aretha Franklin who brought everyone to their feet. ??? You make me feel ??? ??? you make me feel like a natural woman ??? Reporter: Her strength, her grace, and the song she began performing in her 20s. Profound respect for Aretha Franklin tonight. Thanks for watching here, I’m David Muir. I hope to see you right back here tomorrow.

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