Sen. Rand Paul meets Russian senators in Moscow, invites them to the US Video


  • Now Playing: Sen. Rand Paul meets Russian senators in Moscow, invites them to the US

  • Now Playing: Michelle Obama hitting the road for voter registration

  • Now Playing: Trump makes new admission in Russia investigation

  • Now Playing: President says Trump Tower meeting was not illegal

  • Now Playing: Chris Christie: Democrats need ‘a little bit more exciting’ message to voters

  • Now Playing: Powerhouse Roundtable: Trump’s ‘shifting stories’ on Russia ‘are a problem’

  • Now Playing: ‘Chaos’ around Trump ‘has unnerved a lot of people’: GOP Gov. Kasich

  • Now Playing: Washington Gov. Jay Inslee: ‘We feel very positive’ going into midterms

  • Now Playing: ‘Obstruction of justice by tweet is absurd’: Trump lawyer Jay Sekulow

  • Now Playing: Trump holds rally in Ohio ahead of last special election before midterms

  • Now Playing: War of words between Trump and LeBron James

  • Now Playing: Federal judge rules the Trump administration must restore DACA

  • Now Playing: China needs to fix trade practices, according to White House

  • Now Playing: The Briefing Room: Fact-checking Trump’s false claims

  • Now Playing: Trump repeats shutdown threat before midterms

  • Now Playing: Trump mocks criticism of his meeting with Putin

  • Now Playing: Trump attacks ‘Sleepin’ Bob’ Casey at Pennsylvania rally

  • Now Playing: National security team says Russia is trying to meddle in midterms

  • Now Playing: Ivanka Trump: The media is not the enemy of the people

  • Now Playing: Senate Republicans accuses Democrats of acting in bad faith

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