Theresa May’s Brexit deal defeated for third time: Live updates


Politicians have reacted to May’s defeat by pushing their preferred paths out of the country’s Brexit impasse.

Conservative MP Nick Boles said a motion for a so-called “Common Market 2.0” has been tabled for Monday’s indicative votes, with cross-party support.

Calls for a second referendum, a general election and the revocation of Article 50 – stopping Brexit altogether – also grew.

Ian Blackford, the Westminster leader of the SNP, said Article 50 should be revoked, May should resign, and a general election should be called.

“We must give ourselves time and I suggest to her we now must look seriously at the option of revocation – we need to apply the handbrake to this process,” Blackford said. “The Prime Minister has indicated her departure. She should now go and we should be having a general election.”

London Mayor Sadiq Khan also called for Article 50 to be revoked. “Her deal is now dead. The PM must now do the right thing – immediately revoke Article 50 and give the British public the final say on Brexit,” he tweeted.

Vince Cable, the leader of anti-Brexit party the Liberal Democrats called for a second referendum.

DUP Westminster leader Nigel Dodds, meanwhile, suggested May should continue to tweak her deal and “sort out” the controversial Northern Irish backstop, which has led to the party opposing the deal.

“She knows (the backstop) remains the problem,” he said. “Please Prime Minister, even now, use the time constructively to get that matter sorted out.”

And some hardline Brexiteers expressed disappointment at a possible further extension to Brexit.

“Extension and further battles now seem inevitable,” Nigel Farage wrote on Twitter, adding that “we will fight them again” alongside pictures of today’s pro-Brexit protests.

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