You Won’t Want to Miss This Live EFT Demonstration Today


You Won’t Want to Miss This LIVE EFT Demonstration

Join us LIVE Today, August 10, at 11 a.m. CT as Julie Schiffman demonstrates the benefits of tapping and how tapping can help relieve stress. The demonstration is absolutely FREE for all Mercola subscribers, so if you are not subscribed please take a minute to do so below.

Julie will also be taking your questions, so feel free to submit them right now in the comments section at the bottom of this page. The earlier we get the questions the greater the likelihood that Julie will have a chance to respond to them. Looking forward to tapping with everyone!

eft demonstration

Demonstration Summary — EFT for Stress Relief

The demonstration will be broken into several components:

Tapping 101

What tapping is

How tapping works

How to use tapping on your own


What is stress

How does stress affect the body?

How tapping can help overcome stress

Tapping demonstration

Question and Answer

submit your question

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